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Prepare to Buy

Owning a home is a great way to build wealth, but are you ready? Learn everything you need to know to prepare you.

Are You Ready to Own? | Financing Your HomeHelp for First Time Borrowers | Video - To the Front Door

How to Buy

Learn how to avoid some of the biggest dangers when buying a home. Make sure you protect yourself!

Learn About Types of Loans | Mortgage Coach | What to Look Out For | Navigate the Mortgage Process

After You Buy

Learn how to protect your family and do a few cost- effective home improvement projects.

Alarms & Detectors | Easy Indoor Projects | Home Appliances | Indoor Air Quality

Prevent Foreclosure

 Learn the best ways to prevent foreclosure before or after the process starts.

How to Talk to Your Lender | Tips and Resources to Prevent Foreclosure

Rental Housing

Helpful tips to find a new place to rent and more.

Find Affordable Housing | Know Your Rights | What to Do if I Can't Pay My Rent |How to Deal with an Eviction


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